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  Wednesday 23rd November, 2011 |    09:00 to 17:00

Workshop A :   Improving regulation standards to foster growth in logistics

Government departments and private industry must work together and discuss the strategy for keeping the UAE as a competitive player in global logistics moving forward, which is in the interests of everyone.

This workshop will bring together key representatives from the logistics and freight forwarding industry with the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi to closely examine the movement of freight in the Emirate, the current transport and border control standards, and what initiatives are currently being undertaken to improve these so they directly support the growth of logistics operations in the UAE and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The workshop will provide a good forum for decision makers form the government and private sector to come together delve into depth on the key areas that affect the movement of cargo and how it can be optimized by working together to help the logistics industry grow.

Developing realistic and actionable regulations

         ·         The persuasion through Requirement Spectrum

Controlling and minimizing the “unintended consequences” of policies and regulations

         ·         Importance of stakeholder engagement
         ·         Impact analysis methods

Facilitator :

Dr. Osama Tomeh,
Projects Management Consultant,
Department of Transport Abu Dhabi, UAE             

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Workshop B :      Building sustainability into your logistics operations

While the region is not an early adopter of green technology, logistics companies are finding it hard to ignore the tremendous pressure from clients and governments alike to demonstrate sustainable practices.  Implementing environmentally friendly technologies and practices into your logistics operations is no longer a ‘nice to have’.

Sustainability is now both a requirement and a competitive advantage.  Such practices also help you save costs, and there is plenty of low hanging fruit for the picking.  This workshop will show you how you can build in sustainable practices and technology throughout your entire supply chain and logistics operation.

·         Examining your transportation and souring operations to identify opportunities for creating efficiency
·         Using technology to simplify and eliminate processes and reduce the overall energy expenditure in your
·         Utilising green technology in your transport and storage operations
·         Using your people as a source of innovation in sustainable practices
·         Creating sustainability champions and green teams to enable continuous improvement

Facilitator :

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Straube,
Managing Director, TU Berlin Logistics, Germany
Member, Management Board of the European Logistics Associations

Member, German Logistics Association (BVL), Germany

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