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The global logistics industry is turning its focus on the regional emerging markets…and it’s worth trillions of dollars. How much of it do you wish to have?

Whilst traditional demand has been in North America and Europe, there is a shift away from those territories to the emerging markets in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. This trend is reflected in the fact that North America and Europe are expected to lose a 2.2% and 1.5% share of the global market by 2013, while Asia Pacific is expected to gain nearly 1.5%.

 Reflecting this focus, the World Bank Logistics Performance Index showed that the UAE is the 24th best country for the logistics industry. With this in mind, the city of Abu Dhabi in the UAE will host the 2nd Global Logistics Forum. The event will give an opportunity for regional leaders in logistics to come together under one roof and discuss key challenges and key solutions.

 If you provide services and products to the logistics industry and you also want to…

•       Maximize your exposure to senior logistics professionals who have the power to purchase your
        products,  services and solutions

•       Strengthen
your market position by demonstrating thought leadership and innovation to your potential
        market partners
•       Increase your brand recognition and company profile through targeted association
         with the top players in the global logistics industry

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Who Will You Meet At The 2nd Global Logistics Forum?

CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors, Coordinators and Heads of :

Logistics Supply Chain
Purchasing Materials Handing

Inventory Management

Operations Planning
Transportation Shipping
Research  Consulting

Join the global logistics professionals all under one roof and demonstrate your leadership

Guarantee your place at the 2nd Global Logistics Forum by contacting Adham Sharkawy on 971 (2) 501 5468 or email adham.sharkawy@aimevents.net

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