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  AGENDA - Day One | Monday 21st November, 2011 |
08:30 Registration & Coffee
09:00 UAE Ministerial Address
09:10 Keynote address : Global and regional trends in logistics

·         Exploring the make-up of the global logistics industry in 2011 and future trends

·         Assessing the impact of regional and global developments on the movement of goods and services

·         Understanding the impact of social, security and economic trends on the logistics industry

·         Examining the UAE as a hub in global logistics – SWOT analysis

·         Upcoming opportunities for growth in logistics operations

Shashi Shekhar,
Founder and Group President, Supply Chain and Logistics Group (SCLG), UAE

09:50 Facilitating the growth of logistics in Abu Dhabi

·         Improving port integration to other transport channels

·         Update on the ports’ current and planned projects

·         Analyzing the likely impact these will have on the logistics industry

Capt. Mohamed Juma Al-Shamisi,
Vice President – Ports Unit, Abu Dhabi Ports Company, UAE

Transport Strategy and Regulation Update
10:05 Examining the National Transport Plan and its implications on logistics in the region

·         Examining and optimizing inter-emirate transport and cross border movement

·         Harmonizing the standards and regulations on land transport activities

·         Transport capacity forecasts and plans for the future

Dr Nadhem Bin Taher,
Acting Executive Director of the Land Transport Sector,
Director of Roads and Freight,
National Transport Authority (NTA), UAE


Developing an integrated transport and logistics master plan for Abu Dhabi

Creating a more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe freight network

·         Optimising freight movement by linking road, rail, air and sea channels

·         Reducing transit time for freight within Abu Dhabi

Mohamed Al Otaiba,
Director of Freight, Department of Transport Abu Dhabi, UAE

11:25 Morning Break

Panel Discussion : Optimising the movement of freight across the region by aligning transport

regulation and industry needs

·         Examining the movement of freight in the region and establishing patterns for optimization

·         Analyzing the impact of transport standards and regulation on the industry

·         Creating a more efficient, environmentally friendly and safe freight network

·         Understanding the importance of TTF in cross boarder movement

Dr Nadhem bin Taher,
Acting Executive Director Land Transport,
Director of Roads and Freight,
National Transport Authority (NTA), UAE

Mohamed Al Otaiba,
Director of Freight, Department of Transport Abu Dhabi, UAE

Jason Farhat, Managing Director,
RAK Transport Authority, UAE

Customs Strategy and Regulation Update

Developing a more integrated customs environment in the UAE

·         Examining UAE’s customs regulations and their impact on security and commerce

·         Aligning customs standards and tariffs across the different Emirates in the UAE

·         Outlining current and future customs initiatives on a federal level

·         Examining regulatory changes and future developments of interest to logistics providers

·         Update on the GCC Customs Union and its impact on the logistics industry

Khalid Al Bustani
Acting Director General, UAE Federal Customs Authority, UAE

13:15 Networking Lunch

Case study : Creating a superior customer experience with Abu Dhabi Customs

·         Defining Abu Dhabi Customs’ strategy for keeping the borders safe whilst making it easier to do business

·         Using technology to enable e-commerce and e-customs clearances to improve the customer experience

·         Integrating customs regulations for a more streamlined movement of cargo


Panel Discussion : Creating a more integrated customs environment to optimize logistics in the region

·         Increasing inter-government and inter-emirate dialogue for the adoption of common


·         Further collaboration between customs authorities in the region

·         Establishing common standards and regulations that simplify cross-border movement of freight

·         Outlining the plans for modernization of systems and the use of e-clearances for reduced delays and greater efficiencies

Khalid Al Bustani,
Acting Director-General, UAE Federal Customs Authority, UAE

Marwan Gharaibeh,
Director Customs Support Services, Abu Dhabi Customs, UAE

Abdulkareem Al Masabi,
Senior Ports Operations Manager, Abu Dhabi Ports Company, UAE

15:35 Afternoon Break

Case study : Impact, opportunities and benefits of the GCC rail network for the global and

regional logistics industry

·         Outline the details of the upcoming rail projects

·         Examine the opportunities for freight movements using rail

·         Exploring the impact of customs regulations on rail cargo movement

Shadi Malak
Executive Director - Commercial, Etihad Rail, UAE

Case study: Creating efficiency and reducing costs in your local logistics operations

·         Creating a strategy for the optimum movement of freight between land, sea and air

·         Eliminating administrative costs and saving time by using smart IT systems

·         Calculating the optimum balance between asset and infrastructure ownership and outsourcing

Tom Nauwelaerts
Managing Director, Al-Futtaim Logistics, UAE
17:25 Closing Remarks from the Chair
17:30 End of day one
Mocktail Networking Function
Now that you have heard from them, meet the industry experts and leaders face to face in this not-to-be-missed networking event that will provide opportunities for developing relationships and exploring business opportunities.
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