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Pre-Forum Workshops | Sunday, 26 May 2013
Workshop A: Developing an effective data management strategy and data governance for your organization
One crucial step you need to have before you begin implementing your big data analytics initiatives is to have a clear data management strategy and a governance structure which will help you prioritise and manage the work ahead. This workshop will examine the critical components you need to have in your data management strategy and governance framework in order to successfully manage the implementation of your big data initiatives across the organization.
  • Integrating your data management strategy into your IT strategy
  • Defining what data means to your organization and the value behind it
  • Developing cultural awareness of data and its value across the organization
  • Ensuring effective data quality monitoring
  • Developing an implementation roadmap for big data analytics
  • Examining the processes you need to have in place to make data governance a reality
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Workshop B: Performing effective social media analytics to get value from the data
The explosion of social media has given rise to an exponential amount of opinions and preference expressed on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIN, Tweeter), blogs, discussion forums, product reviews and multimedia sharing sites. These rich sources of consumer feedback can be mined and analysed to get real-time information and sentiment analysis that can help organizations improve their services, identify new product or service development opportunities and create customer centric strategies for success. This workshop will delve into the world of social media analytics to demonstrate how to get the value from the data analysed and how you can use it to benefit your organization.
  • Examining the structural properties of social networks
  • Understanding the algorhythms for structural discovery and content analysis of social networks
  • Assessing relevance of blogs, posts and tweets
  • Conducting sentiment analysis and opinion mining
  • Examining the metrics, models and measurement of influence of blogs and individuals and validating them
  • Discovering emerging topics and tracking their evolution over time
  • Coping with the large volume of data
  • Examining the latest social media analytics applications and their uses
Workshop Facilitator :
Zafer Younis, CEO,The Online Project, UAE
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