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Big data, and the ability to derive actionable information from it is key to competition and growth.

Enterprises and governments today are grappling with the challenge of how to manage and leverage vast amounts of data from an ever-expanding array of sources, including mobile devices, corporate databases, sensors, social media and cloud services. The concept of big data is simple, but the opportunities are still being realized - often slowly.

The GCC Big Data Forum will bring together regional and international SME’s, larger enterprises and government department to discover and discuss ‘the value of the data’, showcase examples of leading big data projects and focus on the next steps of development.

Use the event to demonstrate your experience and credibility, network with the region’s leading brands, influence their purchasing decisions and create awareness, raise your profile and get your product in front of senior decision makers from the region’s biggest brands.

To explore how you can benefit from sponsoring this event, please contact:

Rajat Gehlot, Aim Events, Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group

Direct: +971 (2) 501 5384
Mobile: +971 (50) 811 0223
Email : rajat.gehlot@adu.ac.ae